5 Last Minute Rummy Moves to Outwit Rivals



When you play rummy online for cash, ups and downs should be expected, including when the game may turn against your favour. But to win the game, you need to turn the tables by baffling the opponents, and below we have mentioned ways to achieve it.

  1. Change Your Hand

If you think the opponent is discarding cards and playing moves depending on the cards you are discarding, then one of the ways to trick the rival is to change your hand. Discard cards in a way that will convince the rival to throw a card you need. This is one of the rummy online strategies that many adapt to waste time of rivals, and in meantime give themselves enough time to perhaps get a card they need.

And in case you have a bad hand, then changing hand with better cards is the only option to improve your Indian rummy winning chances. In that case, you can discard card at random and moreover confuse the opponents.

  1. Let Go of High Point Cards

Every card has a face value. For instance a card with a printed 5 carries 5 points, a card with a printed 7 carries 7 points and henceforth. Now high point cards are the ones that carry 10 points each, including King, Queen, and Jack. Usually those who play rummy never prefer to stack high point cards as this increases the number of points in the hand. So, these cards are the first to be discarded.

But what if you get high point cards in online rummy that helps to form a pure sequence? Should you discard these cards even then? The answer is a big no. You can trick your rival into giving you a high point card you need by discarding a closely related card. For instance you have Ace, Queen, and Jack of Heart then you may discard the Ace in order to prompt the rival to discard King of Heart.

  1. Challenge the Opponent

When you play rummy online, silent communication takes place the most, usually when one challenges the other. For instance, a rival may try to coax you to discard a card, but you need to look through the trick and not give in. This way the constant challenges will make the game interesting to play and keep up the competition.  You can even challenge the opposite player by discarding excess Joker card.

The rival will surely get alarmed and think you have good cards enough to declare the game soon. In haste and fear, the opponent may make a mistake, and this could be your change of grabbing a win. Thus, in a rummy game, mind game is a very important trick. The more determined you are about your moves, the more cautious the opponent will get.

  1. Discard Cards at Random

Sometimes you may realize that the rummy card game is going nowhere and you may probably not win. So what, every game will have a winner and though everyone competes for a win, the winner can be only one person against a table. So, when you realize defeat is close, start discarding cards at a random, especially the ones that have not yet helped to form a sequence or set. If you have a pure sequence already, you can discard random cards and confuse the players about your game-play.

The opposite player may not realize that you are unable to make required number of sequences or sets yet, and fall for this trick. He/she may notice the cards you discard, and start playing accordingly, discarding the cards that the player should not.

  1. Pick Cards from Open Pile

Anyone who knows how to play rummy understands that picking a card from open pile that does not immediately form a sequence or set is, dangerous. But what if the cards from the closed pile are not the ones that are helping you either? Then you can take a risk and pick a card from open pile to change your hand, but one that may not instantly help you form a set or a sequence. But the opponent may think you really need this card and will be bewildered at random picking from open pile.

To Conclude

Sometimes it is necessary to bend the norms of the game just to win the same. Though every player follows a set of practices in card games, a surprising and an unexpected move can certainly baffle opponents, taking away the game from their hands at the very last moment.